White and Nerdy

November 25, 2010

I spent half the day upgrading to Snow Leopard and a loading a few new programs so I thought I would take a few minutes and share some of the apps (both desktop and mobile) that make my world go round on the off chance you give a rip. I’m a mac guy and so for the most part I use the apps they provide where possible, Mail, Safari, iTunes… I’m also into Google so Calendar, Docs, Reader, and gmail are on my list. Here are some of the others. Unfortunately I’m to lazy to link to all their websites. Fortunately you know how to Google things.

Tweetdeck: This is my twitter client of choice. I hear good things about others too but it does what I want. I hate having to open Safari just to use twitter so this is a good solution for me. It allows you to group your feeds into columns so you can have friends in one, celebrities in another, mentioned of your favourite team in the other, etc. My set up is simple: Everything, DM’s, Mentions of me, mentions of @deepwaterchurch. There is an Iphone version as well. They don’t really sync but they look the same and feel familiar. It’s free.

Things: This is my app of choice for GTD style workflow management. It’s very expensive and not without it’s weaknesses, particularly in how it uses tags and areas (backwards in my opinion). That said it’s very powerful and customizable and syncs beautifully with it’s iPhone counterpart giving me constant updated access to what I have to get done. Not sure I could live without it now.

Evernote: I always have a bunch of stuff I need to keep track off. Things that don’t require a full on document but that aren’t a thing I need to do: Ideas, questions, agendas for upcoming meetings, etc. Evernote is my solution. Allows me to keep tons of notes in pretty much any format – text, image, video. I’m just getting into it but I have been eyeing it for a while. I had to update my OS to run the desktop version. Speaking of versions – there are desk top, mobile , and online versions that all sync seamlessly with each other. Beautiful and free.

Dropbox: It’s basically an sharable online disk. Everyone knows about it because it’s awesome and free.

ProPresenter: Is the media projection software we use at Deep Water. It’s nothing short of incredible. If you are a Mac user in church wold with use for such a program you know about it. It was built for churches but it so powerful that it is getting used in other applications as well. If you need something more powerful and less linear than Power Point or Keynote check it out. It ain’t cheap.

iPhone Apps (all of these are free or really cheap)

MobileRSS: Quick and easy RSS client for iPhone that syncs nicely with Google Reader.

Your Chain!: Super simple app. It’s a calendar where you can cross off days. I use it to track days when I got in my walk.

HiFutureSelf: An app that sends you pop up reminders in the future. Great for stuff you need to remember at a certain time but don’t want in your calendar. Last week I set it to tell me something I needed to announce at the end of church. Worked like a charm.

PrayerPartner: Great little app for tracking prayer requests so you can remember to pray for all that stuff you wanted to remember to pray for.

Metro: This is how I get my news on.

Atmospherique: One of the few weather apps that pulls it’s info from environment Canada.

Accountable: Cool little program I use with my accountability partner. Gives you an editable set of questions to answer each week (or whatever interval you want) and then emails them to your partner.

Radiant: Let’s end with something fun. I have been addicted to this space invaders type game for weeks now. Super simple and old school. Love it.

What are the great apps and programs you use everyday?


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